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This product is a 3/8th inch to 7/8th inch accordion/fan fold or rolled insulation that can be used for many application.  The core is EPS foam and the outer layers are either a poly clear laminate, a radiant foil, or a reinforced white woven material so the product has many purposes.

*With the foil lamination on the eps it acts as a perfect radiant barrier to help block the heat transfer for the exterior of any commercial, residential,  or agricultural facility. 


*With adding  the woven material, it also increases the durability of the product.


Used successfully for numerous commercial, industrial and residential applications.
Examples of uses:
  • House Wrap Insulation
  • Roof Insulation - Under Metal Roofs
  • Side Wall Insulation
  • Perimeter Insulation
  • Insulated Vapor Barrier
  • Agricultural


  • ƒEnvironmentally Friendly
  • Moisture Resistance
  • Insect and Mold Resistance
  • Stable R-Value
  • Long-Term Warranty
  • Proven Performance
  • Large Variety of Compressive Strengths
  • Cost Effective
  • Code Approvals


Offered in an assortment of sizes and shapes and is readily available in custom lengths, widths and densities with little or no impact on lead time. 
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